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Windbell = RSS feed

Add any Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed as a Windbell for a $0.10 fee.

You become the Curator of that feed and eligible for rewards.

Earn $0.10 each time others subscribe to Mixes containing the feed you added, benefiting from curating content others find valuable.

RSS Reader

Consume content directly in the Windbell app, ad-free.

Windbell stores Readability data for each link when possible, allowing conumers to enjoy content with no ads, JavaScript or annoying cookies trackers.

Simply click the thumbnail of any entry to view a stripped down version of the content, without clutter.

View an example here.


Add any URL as a bookmark. Bookmarks are completely private, stored locally in your browser.

Optionally, backup an encrypted copy of your bookmarks on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

To do so, perform a one-time link to your MetaID via the ShowMoney wallet in the Profile page.

Upon linking your MetaID and uploading Bookmarks to Bitcoin, you are eligible to earn MetaCoin rewards.

Adding bookmarks in your browser is free, but choosing to backup to the blockchain costs a $0.01 service fee per bookmark stored.